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    Zoo Week – Meerkats & Giraffes!

    In the description for the Hippo encounter, it says you get to meet some other animals. I honestly didn’t pay it much mind because I was just so super excited to meet the hippos, but I was very happy to find out we’d get to feed the meerkats and giraffes! We got to feed the male group that is situated in front of the giraffe exhibit. It was a family group of 10, I believe it was the father and his sons. It was an odd experience reaching into a plastic chinese container and grabbing a handful of live worms and scattering them in to the enclosure. Then we made our way to…

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    Zoo Week – Meeting the hippos!

    I love hippos, I don’t know when I feel in love with hippos, or when I decided that I wanted to meet some, but it did. I remember one time while looking at the Adelaide Zoo website, that they did a ‘Behind the scenes tour‘ with the 2 hippos they have! After waiting a few years due to not having  funds, then moving back to Sydney, I wasn’t sure if I’d get the chance.  So when I decided to visit Adelaide I made the decision i’d dip into my savings and finally cross it off my bucket list. I am so glad I did. SO GLAD. The Hippo encounter cost…

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    Zoo Week – OOTD

    This outfit isn’t something i’d normally wear. Since I started blogging, i’ve learnt to ‘think outside the box’. The tickets for the ‘Hippo Encounter’ stated ‘Closed shoes, no red, no bright colours’. As that is a great part of my wardrobe & I only had carry on luggage, I had to get somewhat creative. Didn’t help the temperature was super hot SINGLET – Target. BLOUSE – c/o Dream Diva. SHORTS – Crossroads. SOCKS – Random cheap shop store at local shopping center. SHOES – Florsheim c/o Westfield NECKLACE – c/o Nicole Fendel

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    Zoo Week – Animals & Intro!

    A sleepy Sun Bear I love Adelaide Zoo. Well, in all honesty, I tend to love anything to do with animals, but Adelaide is a clear favourite. I’ve been every year since 2009. It’s only a small zoo (8 hectares), but the layout provides plenty of room for over 1,800 animals. Fennec Fox When I decided to visit Adelaide, I figured, I’d take the chance to visit the Zoo again. No point in breaking a yearly Zoo visit tradition. Only this time, I bought tickets to do a ‘Behind the Scene‘ hippo tour. Fennec Fox I took a whole heap of photos, so i’ve decided to break them up into a few…

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    Adelaide Zoo!

    My 10 year nephew has come to stay with Adam & I for 10 days whilst his Mum has gone on holidays! Since I’ve moved to Adelaide I keep meaning to brng him down to stay, he’s been missing the dogs! So with my sister going away & Caleb needing a place to stay, I rasied my hand. So he flew in on Thursday. He really enjoyed the plane trip! We’d been trying to think of things to do to keep him occupied, so on Saturday we made our way to Adelaide Zoo! Giant Panda! Last time I went to the Zoo Wang Wang & Funi were still in isolation,…