Zoo Week – Animals & Intro!

A sleepy Sun Bear

I love Adelaide Zoo. Well, in all honesty, I tend to love anything to do with animals, but Adelaide is a clear favourite. I’ve been every year since 2009. It’s only a small zoo (8 hectares), but the layout provides plenty of room for over 1,800 animals.

Fennec Fox

When I decided to visit Adelaide, I figured, I’d take the chance to visit the Zoo again. No point in breaking a yearly Zoo visit tradition. Only this time, I bought tickets to do a ‘Behind the Scene‘ hippo tour.

Fennec Fox

I took a whole heap of photos, so i’ve decided to break them up into a few posts to go live throughout the week. This post, which features general pictures from the zoo, 2 posts dedicated to the ‘Behind the Scene’ tour and an OOTD post.

Feast time for the tiny tortoises (or are they turtles?)

Of course, the weather decided to reach 38°c today, so we didn’t stick around the zoo too long. We had to arrived an hour before the Zoo opened to the public to do the animal encounter, and we left about 11:30am.  3 hours walking around it that heat was enough. Didn’t help that I fell over on Saturday and hurt myself.

Super cute Tree Shrew!


Don’t forget to check out my last post on Adelaide Zoo here, as well as the albums from my 2009 & 2010 visit. Also check out the Adelaide Zoo website for lots more info on the zoo, it’s animals, memberships and behind the scenes tours!