Zoo Week – Meerkats & Giraffes!

In the description for the Hippo encounter, it says you get to meet some other animals. I honestly didn’t pay it much mind because I was just so super excited to meet the hippos, but I was very happy to find out we’d get to feed the meerkats and giraffes!

We got to feed the male group that is situated in front of the giraffe exhibit. It was a family group of 10, I believe it was the father and his sons.

It was an odd experience reaching into a plastic chinese container and grabbing a handful of live worms and scattering them in to the enclosure.

Then we made our way to the giraffes. I’ve fed a giraffe before, but it was fun to do again!

My back wasn’t too happy about doing it, so I ended up giving part of my branch to Adam. Those giraffes have some strength! I was standing feet apart, holding the branch with both hands and it was quite a tug once they wrapped their tongue around the branch to rip off the leaves!

That wraps up Zoo week here! I had such a great time and would really recommend you visit Adelaide Zoo if you are ever in South Australia. I’d also rec you visit Monarto, which is the worlds largest open range zoo. Oh, and do a ‘behinds the scene’ tour, it’s worth it!!