Quick Pics

Today, Adam & ventured into Adelaide city via O-barn (It’s a bus, that goes on tracks) to celebrate Adam’s work college & friend Keera’s birthday! It was High Tea time at  ‘Swish on Terrace’, Yummy!! Mini sandwiches, scones, tiny waffles, cakes.

Sitting at a bus stop, in the middle of nowhere & sitting beside me was a man with… lemmy facial hair. (Cookies if you know what song the start of that sentence is from!) At the bus stop, love this new top, look at the shoulders!

The man with ‘the lemmy’, also know as Adam, my boyfriend. He stole my hoodie. That being said, I should state, that it is a mans hoodie!

Left Top – My Thursday night shopping haul. I got out my recent City Chiclay-by! The shoes & jewellery I bought out from a birthday gift voucher at Target.
Left Bottom – Me after shopping on Thursday. Had to take a photo cause my hair was looking good!
Right – Today, at the bus stop again! Why do I have glasses on in some posts, and not in others? I can’t see long distance, so I don’t wear them around the house. Whenever I go out, I need them to see!

My boyfriends parent’s got me a pizza cooker for my birthday, so tonight I gave it a whirl! Adam’s nephew comes and stays with us every second weekend, so he and Adam shared one pizza. The top one (the boys) ended up having tomato base, salami, ham, bacon, onion & cheese. The bottom (mine) had a base I made, I don’t like tomato based, so I mixed together avocado, garlic & lemon juice. On it I had a little ham, bacon, mushrooms, onion and cheese. It was yummy & filling. Couldn’t even finish my half! On, and that’s me, in daggy house clothes, rocking my double chin!