Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary!

Today, Adam, his parents & I ventured around half an hour from our house out to Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary! Being the huge animal& nature lover that I am, I had a blast!! We took a walk around the Sanctuary, being able to see the animals in there natural environment.

If your ever in South Australia, in the Adelaide region, I’d recommend you visit! It’s a great day out, the walking tracks are long & the scenery brilliant. Best thing, to walk around the sanctuary it’s free!


I’m always so thankful to have been born in Australia. It so beautiful here. I think nature is one of the reasons why I love Adelaide so much. It’s so green! It’s filled with flowers, grass & tree lined streets. You can drive half an hour & be surrounded by beauty.


These guys were just chillin’! People were going up & getting photos & they just slept on. Very cute, the brown one tucked his hands under his head & curled up to get some good shut eye!


You need good eyesight to be able to spot these fellas! Thank heavens for zoom is all I can say!

Rainbow Lorikeet & female Cockatoo!

Male Cockatoos & Norman the Carpet Python.

It’s frustrating. I love my pythons. They are number 1 on my favourite animals list. No, not snakes, Pythons. Whenever I say this, most of the time it’s shocked expressions and the whole “They aren’t your friends” speech. My dream is to own one a Stimpsons Python as a pet one day. I found out today that Adam has been keeping the fact he doesn’t like pythons a secret & he really won’t like me having one as a pet. 🙁 10 year dream down the drain!

After the cut is some more pictures, aswell as a video of the cockatoo’s talking, dancing & climbing!!