I caved!

I’ve been rather emotional as of late, and I tend to be a depressive shopper. When I’m upset, I spend. It’s not a very good habit, but I’m not too bad. I don’t have any kind of credit card, so I only spend what I actually have.

I caved last week and finally bought the ASOS Curve Leggings, as well as a shirt that was on sale for $3. I’ve only been lusting after those tights since they went online! I can’t wait for them to arrive! The shirt amused me, as I have 2 Vampire related conventions to work at in the next few months. (Vampire Diaries & True Blood)

I also went into City Chic last week & put the gorgeous pink belt & sparkily webbed jumper on layby! Both previous weekly wishlist items. As it’s getting colder coming into winter here in Australia, I need to pick things up that are a bit warmer.

I also have the problem that i’ve been losing weight. Not that losing weight is a problem, I am one of the obese ladies who need to lose a little for my health. I just have the one problem that a majority of my clothing is a little large on me now! My skinny jeans are no longer skinny jeans.

Whilst in City Chic tonight, paying off some of my layby, I stumbled across this dress. I NEED IT! Please fashion fairy, deliver one of these to me! My birthday is in a month!!  I have to say, I am loving many items in City Chic at the moment!

Now back to reading Dead in the Family!!