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Medieval Fair & OOTD!

Today my boyfriend & inlaws made our way to Gumeracha Medieval Fair! It was much fun! I love history, I don’t know what it is that draws me to history or even what period I’m most drawn to, it all just fascinate’s me! We sat around and watched many tournaments, browsed the stores & I fell in love with so many outfits!

We had really good seats for to watch the Saffron Tribal Bellydancers! One word, AMAZING! I could have sat and watched all day. Now I kind of want to sign up to one of the bellydance gym classes!

Yes! They had an animal farm! I kept wandering back to it! I love nothing more in life then animals! My dream is to own some land and just look after animals! (Also save last chance dogs & try to re-home them!).  I was trying to figure out a way to kidnap* the following…

Baby llamas! Llamas are my 3rd favourite animal ever! (1st are snakes, 2nd are owls!) The above were so adorable. The black and white one is a premature runt, who is 3 weeks old! The cream is 4 weeks! It’s be a lot easier to own if they stayed this size!

* – I wouldn’t kidnap them! Though it’d be a dream to have land to own a couple!


    • SHIRT – Jeans West – Size 16
    • LEGGINGS – Millers – Size 20
    • BOOTS – Kmart – Size 10
    • NECKLACE – Sportsgirl – Gemini Starsign Symbols
    • HEADDRESS – Medieval Fair

My Mother-In-Law bought me this top around 4 years ago, but it was always way too tight! Over the last 12 months I’ve lost 9kg and I decided to try it on today! It’s still a little tight around the bust, but I think it looks good! I should also mention, I don’t usually wear leggings as pants! These leggings are rather thick & with the slightly longer top, I think it works!

The back of my hair - Me - My other half playing with my hair!