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Event – The Ultimate Brooch Lovers Big Day Out

June 27, 2017
Image by Jacqui for Hug Me Harry

On Saturday I trekked into the city to attend the Ultimate Brooch Lovers Big Day Out hosted by Hug me Harry. Brooches have become a really popular accessory lately and one I’ve always loved. My parents really started the obsession for me. My parents gave me a gorgeous key brooch for my 18th and then my first Erstwilder 4 years ago.

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

Firstly, I just have to say that everyone looked AMAZING! It’s been so long since I’ve seen so many fantastically dressed ladies in one room and SO many petticoats! I actually debated about wearing mine, but decided against it and then regretted it later. There was a lot of vintage, vintage inspired and so much colour. I felt right at home.

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

Goodie bags!

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

There was a Q&A with Natalie from Erstwilder, Sally of Sally Land Illustration, Donna of Kaiju Candy and Kate from Hug Me Harry. Both Sally and Donna design for Erstwilder. It was fascinating hearing about all the things that go on behind the scenes. Did you know it takes 6 months from concept to being on sale?!

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

Sue from i for design & style did an amazing presentation on personal style, explaining everything from colouring, how to build an outfit and the best way to wear brooches and statement necklaces. It gave me some brilliant ideas for future outfits.

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

Above, Kaiju Candy goodies and below Martini and Slippers. I could have easily bought so many things, it’s great being able to see the products in person. I never thought much of the Fly but seeing it in person made me fall in love with it. Photos really don’t do it justice.

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

How cute are those Bubble O Bill brooches! I also adore the pill bottles, I got a similar design but with stars in bottles. I’ve also been eyeing the pink gumball machine, pink and glitter, yes please!!

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

These Martini and Slippers brooches available at Hug Me Harry are sooo cute! They have itty bitty coins inside that move around. I love brooches that have special features like that!

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

Erstwilder goodies! Including 2 on my wishlist, Smiloden Smiles and Theodore the trim Taipan. You can see alllll the brooches on my wishlist over on Pinterest.

Brooch Lovers Big Day Out by Hug Me Harry

It was great meeting so many new people and catching up with old friends. It has been YEARS since I’d seen Caitlin, who you may remember seeing on the blog numerous times. I’m quite shy in real life, so it was a pretty full on day and I didn’t get to say hello to everyone I was hoping to, but it was still amazing talking to people I’d only interacted with online before. Ahh, the internet!

Above I’m with Donna of Kaiju Candy, and Caitlin of Closet Confessions Boutique. You can see heaps more photos from the day over HERE.

If you’re in Sydney and think this looks like a good time, Hug Me Harry has just announced they are doing a Brooch Lovers BDO in Sydney this October! For more info head on over to Facebook!

Are you a fan of brooches?

Header and last image by Jacqui for Hug Me Harry

  • Emily Freeman

    Great post! Looks like it was a fantastic day <3

  • Oh how exciting!! I love all your pics from the day!! I can’t wait to do it all again in Sydney!!

  • Cate Lawrence

    looks awesome! I used to collect brooches 🙂 I know quite a few people in that group photo. Love your outfit also!

  • Louise P

    Oh, wow, it sounds like it was a fantastic day! It would be the kind of thing I’d enjoy because I’m obsessed with novelty brooches like the ones in the photos- which are all amazing. I can’t get enough of them. I probably wear them more than all the other types of jewellery combined. I really love the outfit you wore, too; you look awesome! xx

  • Thanks Emily, it really was! Super excited for Sydney!

  • Thank you, and me too! Sydney will be super fun!

  • Thank you! Brooches are so fun, I love that they’re coming back into fashion!

  • Yes, I love brooches and think they can be so versatile. I’m such a fan of the fun, bright acrylic ones, and there as many awesome ones out now! Thank you! xo