Guide Dogs – Six Feet One Journey

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As you know, animals are something I am extremely passionate about. Not only that, but blindness is something close to my heart, my Grandmother who recently passed away had suffered from blindness for many years, not to mention my Auntie has lost her sight due to diabetes. These two things are brought together by Guide Dogs, one of the miracles of the canine world.

Recently FRONTLINE PLUS® and HEARTGARD30® PLUS developed a new campaign, ‘Six Feet, One Journey’ which celebrates the enormous work and love that goes into transforming playful pups into responsible Guide Dogs for Australians with impaired vision.

This incredible journey, which begins with pups around 8 weeks of age and takes almost two years to complete, has been captured in a series of short films which have been developed in collaboration between National Geographic Channel, Merial and Guide Dogs Australia.

The series walks you through the various stages of Guide Dog training. 1- Puppy Raising. 2- Team Training & 3- Training in the Field.

It’s an interesting thing to watch, I’d never imagined all the hard work that goes into training! It’s hard to believe that the playful unruly puppies are the amazing poised dogs who graduate! Yes, they even get a graduation ceremony!!

The series also shows how the dogs help the lives of three Australians with impaired vision. I would imagine it would take some time & commitment to surrender your trust to a dog, however, I know the bond I share with my Dog Frodo & if he went through the training these dogs went through, I’d have no worry trusting him with my life. Not only do the dogs go through training though, the owners do to!

DID YOU KNOW – Most Guide Dogs work for an average of eight to ten years. When their harness is on, they know it’s time to focus on work with their handler. But like any dog, when their harness is off, they know they can relax and play with the whole family.

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