Armageddon Convention

This weekend was another convention weekend. However, this wasn’t a normal Hub Productions event, instead, it was a huge Pop Culture Convention called Armageddon!

I flew over on Friday, it was pouring rain, and by the time I got off the plane and into the luggage area my light pink canvas shoes had turned yellow and black from trudging through half an inch of rain water. Icky! Lucky my friends picked me up from the airport and we dropped by K-mart so I could pick up some cute cheap shoes!

It was a full weekend but I had a blast! I got to see my convention family & meet some amazing people. I love working the booth, it really has made me realise just how much I miss working. I love the customer interaction. Now, onto some photo!

With Miracle Laurie, from Dollhouse! I was so excited to meet her, as she was my favourite doll. Can I just say, this woman is so very very gorgeous in real life and so sweet! I just wanted to keep her!

With Torri Higginson from Stargate Atlantis! She loved my hair! Her autograph to me is probably one of my favourites!

Juliet Landau!! Drusilla!! I am such a Buffy fan-girl, I grew up watching Buffy, my high school years were spent watching Buffy! Dru was one of my favourite characters too!

David Faustino from Married with Children! Look! It’s Bud Bundy! I was never allowed to watch Married with Children when I was younger, I remember I would always try to sneak a watch in. Adam and i love it and now own all the DVD’s. I love Peggy!

 Michelle Forbes, who is so very beautiful. You may know her from playing Maryann in True Blood. Didn’t like the character, but Michelle is so nice and charming in real life!

Above is photo’s of one of my blog readers Natalie and I! Yes, two Natalie’s! I was so happy to be able to meet one of my blog readers! Natalie looked amazing!

 My friends and I! I felt bad, cause I had to ask all of them who they are dressed up as! I fail when it comes to comics and such!

The above pictures are from the convention wrap dinner. Pictures of me and my con family! The last picture is of Brad and I. Jess some how managed to convince Brad to don Dana’s corset, was a little big on him in the bust section, but he totally rocked it!