Stuff & a slight OOTD!

My blog posts seem to slow down when I get depressed. I’m currently transitioning onto some more meds, and I had my first appointment with a new psych today. The first psych appointment is always the worst. Are they going to be any good? Will I like them? Will I feel comfortable? Then opening up old wounds and talking about why you are actually sitting there. It’s not easy. Today, was pretty crap on top of that, because this psych seems to think all my problems will go away if I loose weight. What? You mean to tell me i’ve been suffering these mental illnesses for 10+ years and all I had to do was loose weight? Oh, i’ve lost 10+ kilos in the last year… i’m not happier, just how much weight do I have to loose!? Needless to say I was in shock, left feeling even more depressed, then angry.

Not only that, but my Mother has been in hospital. It’s always hard to hear she’s in hospital. I immediately want to run to the airport and get on the first plane available. That’s not always the best option though, and I’m lucky that my Dad, Brother, Sister & Niece have been there to look after her. She was taken in on Monday, and released Wednesday afternoon. The hospital have no idea what is wrong & just ruled it down to ‘stress’. Her GP is not happy.

Frodo had his last vet appointment on Monday and he got the all clear! *cheers* The vet said the leg is looking & feeling very well, we just need to continue to build up the muscle that he’s lost. He can be left alone for short periods of time now! YAY!

This is the outfit I wore to the vet on Monday night. I look bad, yes, I was tired. I worked all weekend & then flew  home. But hey, this is me! I’m not always made up, I don’t always have great hair, and sometimes, you can see the outline of my belly!

SHIRT – Firefly shirt by Jason Palmer – gifted to me from Dana! <3
JEANS – Crossroads – Size 22 – Previously skinny jeans, now needs a belt to stay on!
SHOES – Girl Express at Kmart – $8!

While I wasn’t up for wearing a frock, I wore a shirt with a frock on it!! I’ve loved this shirt for ages, Firefly is one of my favourite TV shows, & I LOVE Jason Palmer’s art! I never really had the money to buy one though. This weekend I caved & bought 2 prints of his art! Luckily my friend Dana had bought one & it was too big on her, so she passed it on to me! SCORE!