Outfit of the day!

I’m really in a clothing funk as of late. It’s frustrating. I seem to be going to the same things over and over again. I spent half an hour getting dressed yesterday, seeing as I’ve lost weight most of my clothes don’t sit right. So, now, my clothes room is a mess of clothing and I ended up dressed in my current favourite top & one of my favourite skirts that I haven’t worn since last summer.

The weather has been beautiful! Yesterday it hit 25°C (77 ºF) with a lovely breeze! I went shopping at Harbour Town with my in laws! For dinner, Adam cooked a BBQ & we ate outside! It was the perfect was to start the first day of day light savings!

Frodo of course had to get in the picture! The only time he seems to like the camera is when I’m trying to take outfit posts! Adam took the pictures, and golly it’s soooo much easier when he does. Propping the camera on things with a self timer is rather frustrating!

I’ve been stressed & not sleeping well, so I’m currently breaking out in pimples! The only thing I sometimes edit in my photos is the brightness & sharpness. So yeah, you get the pimples, top of my bra & all!

  • TOP – City Chic – Size S
  • SKIRT – Crossroads – Size 22
  • SASH – I don’t remember!
  • SHOES – Rubi Shoes – Size 39
  • BRACLET – Adelaide Museum
  • NECKLACE – I think it was from Equip, on same for $2!
  • BAG – by Iron Fist, bought at Midwest Trader!