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Fun Fashion Meme!

I was tagged by Sewing Pixieto do this marvelous meme! Thanks for tagging me! It was quite interesting to sit down and actually thing about what inspires me!

What’s your favourite fashion accessory?

My hair! Is that cheating? It is kind of an accessory! I love the difference a hair colour, or style can make to an outfit! I wear a lot of black and find that the bright coloured hair really helps to brighten me up!

Who’s your fashion role model?

This is constantly changing. I don’t think I have a really specific fashion role model, I see something I like, I will try to mimic it somehow in my wardrobe. I love the craziness of Lady Gaga. I love the glamour of Dita Von Teese. I’m also loving a lot of Drew Barrymore’s fashion choices as of late.

What do you always carry with you?

When I leave the house? My handbag! In the handbag, you’ll find my purse, notebook, extra card purse, house keys, glasses & sunglasses case, make-up bag, roll on & spray deodorant, case with misc goodies, tissues, medical information & random pens!

How would you describe your style?

Individual? I like black, but I like to add a splash of colour. I like to mix things up a little, but not go over the top.

What’s your favourite? Jeans, sunglasses or heels?

None of the above? But if I had to choose, heels? I don’t wear jeans, I own one pair that I wear! I’ve never been a fan of denim & I can never find a pair that fit correctly! Sunglasses, sure, they are fun, but I always tend to misplace or break them. Heels, they fall into the category of SHOES and we all know I love shoes! Depends on what kind of heel. I can’t walk in stiletto, weak ankle + bad balance is not a good equation.

What inspired you to blog about fashion?

Boredom? The Fat revolution? I remember mid-last year, setting up a blog. But I never started writing it it. I have had a private livejournal for 10 years, but decided to start a public blog 2 years when I moved away from home. It was a way to update about my life to my family, it just so happens I don’t have much of an interesting life, but I do love shopping!

What is your favourite fashion store?

Ebay? For everyday ‘real life’ shopping, I like City Chic, Crossroads, Target & Kmart! Online, I LOVE Asos!

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?

It doesn’t bother me. I’m not a fabric fashionista. If it feels icky, I won’t buy it. I don’t read the tags to see what things are made of. I’m not a big fan of real fur though, but I’m not going to pour blood on you if you wear it. I’m sure somewhere in my wardrobe that I own animal made materials.

Who are your favourite designers?

Oh gees! A lot of the times I just look at the images and think “Oh! I like that!”. But some designers that spring to mind, not that I would fit into the clothing are….Betsey Johnson, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Burberry Prorsum, Emilio Pucci, Rodarte, Balmain, & Mui Mui.

Who or what inspires your style?

My style icons, from the above question! Now what, I guess, what’s in fashion and in stores! What the magazines dictate!

Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could?

If I could make it myself, believe me I would! I’m happy to take knock-offs though! I’m not in the financial position to go too crazy with fashion. I can’t justify spending over $150 on one item of clothing, even if I wish I could!

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