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Outfit – Batman at Big W!

May 26, 2017

Life is hard right now. I’m finding it hard without Tonka. It’s hard to put into words how much his loss has affected me. My mental health isn’t very good, but i’m still trying. When I was out the other day, I ducked into Big W to see if they had anything new in. They have been KILLING it with their branded range. I picked up an AMAZING…

Fashion Outfits

Outfit – Star Wars and Lace!

December 2, 2016

So, I’m doing something a little crazy in the blogging world. I’m wearing the same skirt two outfit posts in a row! The truth is, wearing the same item a few days in a row isn’t a bad thing. Being an outfit repeater is totally normal. When you love something, wear it! Big W has been a big problem lately, taking my money! They keep releasing these amazing…

Fashion Outfits

Outfit – French Pink

October 28, 2014

Oh hai! It’s me! In an outfit post! It’s been awhile! Also, here be the backyard of #lilpieceofsuburbia, it’s huge! I need to find a good place to take OOTD photos, but in the mean time, I thought this will do. Today I ventured out to a showroom in Richmond (post to come), and had to work with what I had. I haven’t unpacked any of my clothes…