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Outfit – Emotionally Exhausted

So the stop at the Three Sisters was a spur-of-the-moment decision. I’d been to visit my niece and great-niece in the morning and dropped Toby off at Dad’s before grabbing a jumper and heading out.  So the outfit is a bit of a mish-mash. I was super comfortable though!

Yeah, you only get seated shots. Wasn’t exactly planning on doing an outfit post with these, but still wanted to show off the outfit. I also think it’s good to show off outfits in different positions. I’ve been enjoying following along with #styleseated. This jumper was a gift from my friend Kylie and it’s SO ME! I am emotionally exhausted and I LOVE Care bears!

This dress is glorious and if you want to see a better shot of me in it, you can see it over HERE. The colours are beautiful and as I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been kind of obsessed with Little Party Dress lately. The cold in Sydney got me, but it gave me an excuse to pop on some colourful tights. Sometimes I think back to when I would only wear black and wonder what that version of me would think of the me now.

Jumper – Hot Topic || Dress – Little Party Dress || Stockings – Snag Tights
Shoes – Spendless || Headband – Colette? I think.

What colour tights would you pair with this look?