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Where to eat in Hong Kong (Part One)

Fooood! When I asked on Instagram what things people would like to hear about from my Hong Kong trip, I got many responses of FOOD. I know I did a dedicated post to Lung King Heen, it deserved a post all of its own. For the rest, I’m breaking it up over two posts. Just thinking about writing these posts has my tummy rumbling and wishing I could go back already!


TYPE: Buffet 
LOCATION: The Intercontinental 

I’ve been to a few buffets in my life and let’s just say they all paled in comparison compared to Harbourside. If you are a lover of seafood, this place is a MUST. Fresh lobster, crabs, scallops and prawn, just to name a few of the seafood options. Being allergic to shellfish (just the shell) I only chanced eating half a lobster and some scallops and they were delicious! There were plenty of other non-seafood options though. Roast meats, Indian, salads and boy oh boy was the dessert section amazing!! I also appreciated that all items were labelled if they contained nuts, super helpful! The view was breathtaking too, looking out over Victoria Harbour.

Cuisine Cuisine

TYPE:  Cantonese Dim Sum
LOCATION: The Mira Hotel

Oh my gosh, Cuisine Cuisine was soooo good! We decided to do the ‘All you can eat’ Dim Sum menu and yeah, it was the best dim sum I’ve ever had. I  wish we’d gone back a second time! They had a good mix of things you’d expect to see like BBQ Pork Buns and Xao Long Boo. Then new and delicious mixes like spring roll stuffed with seafood and cheese in a mushroom cream sauce! Plus our waiter was amazing, I feel bad because I can’t remember his name now, but he was fantastic! The whole atmosphere was on point and I would def recommend you check out Cuisine Cuisine!

Temple Street Spicy Crabs

TYPE: Street food? Chinese, Seafood.
LOCATION: The heart of Temple Street Night Markets.

Spicy Crab was a fun surprise. Whilst out at the Night Markets, we were getting hungry and came across Spicy Crab. It was packed with locals and tourists! They have four or five stores all around each other, some with tanks of live seafood. We enjoyed ourself so much we went back a second time!

The first night I wasn’t feeling 100% so I stuck with chicken wings and spring rolls. They were delicious! My travel buddy went with mantis shrimp and garlic scallops. The second time I tried the garlic scallops (pictured in the header image) and by golly were they amazing! The menu is packed full of dishes, I’m talking around 60 different dishes, most have pictures.

This isn’t some fine dining restaurant, its basically street food but with a place to sit. It was tasty and I really enjoyed it, but be aware that it’s all a bit crazy. You’re pushed in to eat and you will have a bit of a wait for food, it might not all come out at once. Also when it comes to seating, the stools aren’t the sturdiest. I found getting a second stool and stacking them on top of each other helped with that.

Stay tuned for part two, in the meantime, where would you choose to eat?