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Some blasts from the past!

One thing about my laptop dying (RIP) is that ive had to boot up my oooold computer to try and get things done. Going over old images and outfit posts Id totally forgotten about has been a fun past time for me in the last week and I thought Id share some with you.


I *think* I still have this dress. I need to hunt it down! I really want to re-create this outfit again!


This was sooo many years ago now, in the lounge room of the house I grew up in. My parents no longer live there anymore.


Some old header ideas for this blog!


Back when I predominately wore black and red! Sometimes I miss having such a simple wardrobe colour palette, it certainly made dressing easier!


I miss this hair, even if it was extensions! Long pink mermaid hair! This was back when I worked the Convention scene. Seth Green was soooo nice.


I would have been 14 or 15 in the above picture. I lived in those pants, as well as a pair that was a blue tie dye material. I wore them until my thighs wore out the material between my legs where they rubbed and then they sat in my wardrobe for years before I could dare to part with them. I still miss them to this day.


Domino Dollhouse really did make some of the cutest designs! Both dress & petticoat were from there.


Here I am with a dingo in a choke hold! Wait, no, it just LOOKS like it. It was really akward as I had a broken foot at the time (you can just see the top of the mood boot).


Still have this skirt and jacket, though I sold the dress (worn as top).


Layers! Another outfit I want to recreate!

Do you have lots of pictures stored away from when you were younger?