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What’s in my bag!?

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a What’s in my bag post, and with the lack of outfit posts going on around here at the moment (sorry! My onesie isn’t all that interesting) I thought it would be a great time to do one. I LOOOOVE seeing what’s in other peoples bags, I think it’s because I grew up being told never to go into anyones bag, and I just find it fascinating to see what other people carry around.


In an effort to not carry everything and my kitchen sink, ive downsized my bag recently. I’ve had this bag for yeeeeears now. It doesn’t have any tags anymore, but if I remember correctly, its by Bluebird from Strandbags. Its so soft. I mostly use a cross body bags these days, as I dont drive and walking around everywhere is just easier with a cross body bag. I’ve jazzed it up with some colourful pom poms from Sportsgirl. I saw this one in store the other week and am now really wanting to add it to my bag.


My purse is a New Look via ASOS purse, which has seen better days, but I just adore it. I get so many compliments on it. I actually feel really proud of how much crap I no longer have in my bag!

So, I have my Sunglasses, a spare pair of everyday glasses, a notepad, a business card from where I last got my brows tinted, tissues, lipglosses, hairclip, my Myki card, my wallet and …..


I keep this little Bellabox purse thing in my bag with a whole lot of doodads. Toothpicks, spare liprings, perfume, nail files, pain killers, a spoon, wet towelette, sharpie, and those bags are small scented plastic bags.

Other things that are usually in my bag, but for some reason aren’t right now – A pen or 3, period pads, my phone (which is back at Virgin hopefully getting fixed), my keys & a USB stick.


And some random things that are in my wallet. Lots of loyalty cards, a full Cook island drivers license (and I only have my Ls here), a key card pocket from the hotel I stayed at in Tasmania with a Port Arthur sticker on it, movie ticket stubs and that there is all the money I have in my wallet!

So, what is in your bag!?

If you’ve done a post about whats in your bag, make sure to leave a link in the comments!