Save with UNiDAYS!


I first heard of UNiDAYS through Amy Valentines vlog & thought it sounded pretty amazing. I admit, it’s been awhile since I was a student, but I know that many of my followers are and I just wanted to pass on some info that could save you some $$$.

What is UNiDAYS?

UNiDAYS is a student discount company that is FREE to join, if you’re a student. It has both a website & an app, so you can use whichever is easiest for you. (Gosh, I love apps!) A few places even let you redeem in store!

What stores participate & what kind of discounts?

HEAPS of places have partnered with UNiDAYS, everyone from the Apple store, ASOS, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, Missguided & Boohoo (So LOTS of plus size friendly stores). Discounts range usually from 10% to 30%. Be sure to follow their social media to get updated with their newest discounts! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How about some extra perks?

They have you covered! Once you join, you are given a unique code to share with fellow student friends. Every time someone signs up with that code, you get a $2 credit. You can receive up to $100 a month and is cashed out as a gift voucher from one of their participating stores, which also includes a VISA gift card.

How easy is it to use?

Well, online, it is pretty simple! You find the perk you want, click on it, and a pop up appears. You click on the redeem button and a code appears! Simply copy & paste that code in to the corresponding sites discount code area usually at the checkout!


Sound good? I certainly think so! I think its pretty amazing and will certainly help save some money for students. So if youre a student, be sure to…

 Join here!

 *Disclosure* I was not paid to do this post, I was contacted by UNiDAYS and thought it was a great idea & wanted to share it with my readers. I was gifted 14 days use of UNiDAYS to check out the platform before I wrote about it. If you use the link above to join, I get the $2 credit that I explained above. All thoughts and words are my own.