10 people you should follow on Snapchat!

By now, you should have heard of snapchat. A social media platform that lets you share snippets of your life before it’s whisked away off the internet (mostly). It’s a great micro-blogging tool and I find I now spend around an hour a day going through and watching my favourite snappers stories. I decided to share 10 people who I think YOU should follow (that doesn’t include the Kardashians or anyone super famous). It was harder then expected trying to pick only 10! I may have to do a follow up ‘honourable mentions’ post.


Meli is owner of Jewellery company Baccurelli! She shares her everyday life in LA on her snapchat.


Danie is one of my current fave plus size bloggers. After being sick recently her snapchat is back better then ever, with her sharing clothing try ons, shopping hauls and the daily shenanigans she gets up to.


I think Hayley is probably my favourite snapchatter. She really shares all! Her style has always been an inspiration, but I love seeing what goes on when she’s not blogging, which is a lot! She gets real about the world of dating and Melbourne buses/ ubers!


George gives GREAT advice, from skincare, make up, hair, clothing, fitness & modelling! She does Q&A’s often on her snapchat and I find them really interesting. Her rats are also SO adorable!


Melbourne sisters Jess & Stef are a force to be reckoned with, the ultimate entrepreneurs! It’s fun seeing what they get up to. Be warned, you will probably experience food envy!


Kristen is up there as one of my fave Youtubers. Her snapchat shares a lot of behind the scenes info on upcoming videos, her everyday life, her husband and her fur children Leo (dog) and Brixton (rabbit). You also often get first notice on Artic Fox info!


While i’ve been following Nadias blog from when she first started modelling for American Apparel, her snapchat makes me adore her even more. I think her snapchat is the one I often laugh the most at. While Nadia is such a strong women who is trying to change the fashion industry, she doesn’t always take life seriously. You’ll often see her twerking, singing along to Drake, and talking in a high pitch to ANY animal she sees.


Nikkie is QWEEN of make up on youtube IMO. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her, so of course she makes this list. She shares her everyday life including her boyfriend (who is camera shy), her gorgeous dog Ivy, new products she’s received and loved, as well as other random things like her tomato face after working out and her favourite toilet lighting (it’s a thing!).


Girlcrush! Amina (aka Tasselfairy) is a unicorn come to life. I love how real she is and how she’s not afraid to talk about some of the difficulties life throws at her. Her sense of style is GOALS and I don’t know how one person can have such perfect hair and make up.


I’ve been following Luannes blog for what seems like FOREVER! While her fashion and make up are what predominantly features on her snapchat, I love getting sneak peaks of Dubai and it’s shopping!!


If you want to follow me on Snapchat, my username is ‘natatreedarling’. I share a lot of cat pictures ­čśŤ

Do you have snapchat? What do you think of it?