The Darling Den – Bedroom Update


It’s been over a year since I moved into The Darling Den, and I’ve had a few people ask for updates. My bedroom is as done as it will be for awhile, so I thought i’d show you around that. You may remember what this place looked like before I moved in, but if not, you can see it here. You can also view the mock up of how I wanted the room to end up looking here.


As you can see, I have a LOT of stuff, so storage was a must. I love the bookshelves I picked up, and I have hope to buy another one to replace the brown shelves I have holding some of my shoes on the other side of the room. My giant photo of Frodo & I takes pride of place over my bed, and while it was a little hard to look at after he passed away, now it’s kind of comforting.


I’m still on the lookout for the right lampshades for my lamps on my bedhead. I never realised how expensive lampshades can be! I don’t have my heavy doona on my bed, as it’s summer here, but I love this lime green coverlet I picked up on sale online at Urban Outfitters. My Doctor Who and Snape pillowcase are from ebay.


Shoes, shoes and more shoes. This is actually only around half of my shoe collection. The zig zag rug is another Urban Outfitters find.


One of Tonka’s favourite spots is on the window sill. Right outside is a wattle bush that often attracts rainbow laurikeets which he loves to make noises at. Ideally, I’d replace the two shelving units on each side of my dresser. The one on the left with the same white bookshelves, and the right with maybe a tallboy. I’d still love to have one of those fancy mirrored dressers, but I’m pretty happy with this hand me down from my parents. It will probably stay this way though, as most of the money I save these days goes to plane tickets (totally worth it!).


I love reading, and have a decent amount of books. I’ve been trying to cut down on un-needed possessions and cull some things lately, but I haven’t even gone near my books. I probably won’t read half of them again, but I just can’t seem to give them up. On my dresser next to my bed, I have my favourite picture of my Nan, you can kind of make it out, but it’s Nan sitting with her cat Sebastian on her lap, and Mr Frodo is squished between Nan and the couch.


Sooo, that’s my bedroom! If you’d like to know any specifics on any items in the room, feel free to ask!