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In the dressing room – Target


 Yesterday I ducked into my local target, I needed to pick up a couple of things before I flew off to Melbourne, and of course, I couldn’t resist peeking at the clothes. I’m not a huge maxi skirt fan, but when I came across this skirt, it was LOVE! I didn’t end up buying it, but I already regret it. It’s from the normal range, and goes up to a size 20. I’m wearing it in the size 20, and seeing as the waistband is elasticated, it would fit someone with a larger waist size then me.

 Skirt – $39 – Dip Dye – Also in Black or Green. (Belt not included)


Some of the new Belle Curve range was in store, and I tried on the Aztec Tunic & Slouch pants. LOVE! I loved both of these, but I didn’t like them together. They are a soft slinky material and paired together I felt like I was wearing pajamas, which is probably a good thing. For those of you who know me, I don’t wear pants often, thats because I always look horrid in them. These however, have a slouchy kind of harem pants feel, with an eleastic waist & drawstring. Super comfortable and quite flattering. Oh hai belly button!


As with the previous range of Belle Curve stuff, I had to size down, quite majorly. The tunic i’m wearing is a size 16 & the pants are a size 18 & both fitted me comfortably.

Aztec Tunic – $49 –  Slouch Pants – $49


 I also have to say, I love how Target currently has their changing rooms fitted out! Stickers all over them saying “you’re gorgeous”. Why thank you Tarjjjey! Bonus OOTD picture, the weather was only 20 today, but the humidity was at 98%, I was sweating, eugh! Also, please excuse my slightly derpy face in the pictures, my silentcam has such a delay when it takes pictures!

Are you a fan of maxi skirts?