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Outfit of the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival


Today my friend & I checked out the Mind, Body & Spirit festival. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I jumped at the chance to spend time with my friend. I wasn’t sure what to wear. I’ve been slowing unpacking and trying to figure out a way to store all my clothes, as teeny doesn’t even begin to describe how small my wardrobe space is, SEE! Thankfully, this dress was delivered yesterday & I decided to take it out for a spin!


This is one of those dresses that I loved from the moment it went up on ASOS. I’ve been trying really hard not to buy anything that wasn’t essential, but watching this dress sell out in pretty much all sizes, including my own, well, it made me a bit sad. I hope i’m not the only one that happens too! So, with a 20% off coupon in my inbox, and the dress popping up in the size smaller then I normally go, I jumped on it.


 Dress – ASOS (20) | Cardigan – Kmart | Belt – I don’t remember | Shoes – Target

The colours are sooo pretty! And as you probably know, I love ANYTHING with any kind of animal print. ASOS have some fantastic bird prints in at the moment. The size 20 fits fine, but I think it would stretch out too much over the boobs if I had a bigger bust. I am thankful I own a comfy strapless bra!


So what did I get up to at the Mind, Body & Spirit festival? I wandered around, baulked over the price of having an kind of fortune told ($45!) and found some awesome things! Oh, I also had a delicious vegetarian mushroom burger for lunch! YUM!


The candles from Livinia are AMAZING! Yes, we smelt them all! I bought the melt burner with 3 of my favourite smells, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Passionfruit & Papaya, as well as White Tea & Berries. I tried SO MANY different teas from Tea Tonic! I could have easily came home with 4 different flavours, but I stuck with the Berry Green Tea. I’m tempted to order some Apple Tree Tea though! Last but not least, Pana Chocolate! I was actually only checking out there website last week (They had a Raw Degustation event that sounded wonderful), so I was super excited to see them and sample the goods in person. The sour cherry & vanilla flavour is TO DIE FOR!

mindbodyspirit-006Tonka approves! Well, actually, he just loved the cute little sample I got from Younique!

 Have you been to a Mind, Body, Spirit festival? Have you ever had your fortune told?