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In the dressing room – Target


¬†First up, please excuse my eexhausted face and bad hair. I spent all weekend in bed not being able to keep anything down! I’m also in the process of trying to find a hairdresser in Melbourne that won’t charge a fortune to do my hair. If you know anyone, let me know! Anyway, I had to duck out to get some groceries and had a quick look in Target. Two dresses caught my eye and I just had to try them on!

First up, this gorgeous ORANGE draped front dress, the colour was so beautiful! I was a little unsure of what the fabric would be like on, its very light and I thought you may have had to wear a slip underneath. When I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised that you couldn’t see any of my underwear underneath, which was dark, it was super comfy and breezy. This was the size 20, and it fitted me perfectly. It was also available in black.


Second was a structured white and black patterned strapless dress. Another one that jumped out at me. Sadly, it looked totally different on me, then it did on the hanger. I’m not sure if it was because of my body shape or if this particular dress was faulty. When I got it on, it really ballooned out at the pockets, and looking at the way it was sewn at the side, it felt like it was sewn wrong. I’m not sure. It was such a beautiful dress, if only the sides/pockets didn’t sit the way it did. It would have been okay if you walked around with your hands in your pockets all the time! Again, this was the size 20.


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