Big W plus size range Avella is ON POINT!


I’ve had a few readers ask me to do more ‘in the changeroom’ posts, but I really haven’t had the time or energy lately. Sorry! Whilst I was out the other day, I ventured into Big W. Now being 100% honest, I often find the Big W plus size range a bit hit & miss. Sometimes I walk in and not find a thing, other times, I want to grab one of everything. I think that’s probably because they try and cater to different styles, but this time around, I wanted nearly everything Avella had to offer!


The cocoon cardi on the left came in black and this gorgeous pastel pink. It was super soft and I just wanted to wrap myself up in it and sleep. The top on the right is slightly cropped, go BIG W! Its not as long as most plus size tops and I wish I had tried it on to get a better idea how it sat. It was grey, with lighter polka dots, and its embellished with crystals. LOVE!


A light white blazer. I’m not a blazer person, I wish I was a blazer person, they just don’t suit me, but I was really drawn to this one. Very on trend! The top on the right was another favourite! You probably already know by now how much I love pink, but added with the monochrome flowers, it just really popped. I don’t remember if this was long enough to be a tunic, I just remember swooning a bit.


They actually had a few pairs of pants I liked, but these monocrome crackle like pants are a clear fave! Again, another pink top. I think I like the currently collection cause it really speaks to my favourite colour palettes. While there were a fair few neutral colours, I love seeing bright colours avilable in plus sizes!

bigw005This was a dress! The cut wasn’t one that would really work on my shape, but the neckline was pretty amazing! The Avella ranges goes up to a size 26 and was pretty reasonable. The white blazer being the most expensive thing I remember.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem that Big W stock any of it online, but click here to find your nearest store.