Swimwear ideas for Summer!

Its starting to warm up here in Sydney. I’m talking about 32°c and it’s only Spring! It’s had me dreaming of swimming pools, and the beach & i’m not even a beach person, unless it’s the lagoon shores in Aitutaki.

That of course leaves you needing swimsuits, and being plus size, it can sometimes be a hassle finding the combination of something you like in your size. Not to mention, for some ladies, finding something that is practical and supportive for your boobs. So lets take a moment and talk plus size swimwear!


Swimwear PlusSwimwear PlusAutographAutograph

Personally, I tend to gravitate towards skirted or peplum swimsuits. They work on most figures and I like the way it skim the body and draws attention away from areas i’m not so comfortable with (my lower belly and thighs).


The tankini is great for many reasons. The main one being if you are triangle or inverted triangle shape, you may find it hard finding swimsuits that fit correctly. With tankini seperates, you can mix & match sizes. Size 18 on top & 22 below? Try a tankini! It’s also good if you want to switch up colours and designs. Why not wear a pink top with blue bottoms!swimwear-002

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If you can only find a plain black swimsuit, never fear, that is one item that is timeless! But think outside the box! You can brighten up that swimsuit with some board shorts!

ACCESSORISE! Think about it, when you go to the beach or the local pool, you’re not always swimming. Sometimes you are there to laze around and read a magazine. Kaftans can be a great colourful way to cover some skin (don’t forget to apply sunscreen though!) A wide brimmed hat & sunglasses! Some thongs or sandals that have a little bling never hurt either, and if you’re super keen, pick up some cheap costume jewellery!

What is your go to summer swimsuit style?