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Outfit – Pink Clove


 When a few of my favourite British bloggers started blogging about new clothing label, I was intrigued. I’m always excited when a new brand launches, especially when they offer something a little different from other stores and at an affordable price.

The one outfit that kept playing on my mind was this one. I was dubious however, as I’ve never worn a tulip style skirt. I decided to take the plunge anyway.PINKCLOVE-001Top – Woven front top with ombre rose print  £15.00 (On sale now for  £10.50) | Skirt – Crepe Jersey Wrap – £10.00

I bought the top and skirt in a size 22, and I could probably have sized down in the top, but I quite like the slightly oversized feel. I’m unsure if the skirt ‘works for my shape’, but I love the colour and it’s so cool and comfortable, I don’t care!

The Aussie dollar can be very crappy compared to the £, but this outfit, including shipping cost me $55, which I consider pretty good for 2 stylish plus size items.


It’s not actually the first i’ve worn this outfit, it’s actually been worn a few times, I just haven’t had any chance to get some ‘good’ pictures. I’ve not been wearing a lot of accessories lately, but above you can see I styled it with some gold accents to brighten it up.PINKCLOVE-003

Annnnnd back to today! It’s fun having my nephew around, we get up to a lot of shenanigans, and he doesn’t mind taking photos for me. In fact, he often prompts me into poses. You should see some of the out takes!TOYSRUS01png

Here is the outfit in action during the day! What can I say, Toys R Us is a great place to take random crazy photos! My nephew was impressed he managed to make the ‘Cars’ sign in the background look like devil horns!TOYSRUS02png

I realllly realllly wanted that T-Rez toy!