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Outfit – Red & black

September 3, 2013


 For so many years the only colours you’d see in my wardrobe were red & black, with the odd bit of white thrown in. My hair was usually black or red as well at that time, or a mixture of the both. I have to admit, it made getting dressed quite easy because everything went with everything.


 I’ve been in a weird clothing mood lately, not sure where I am. My clothing choices often go along with my emotions and they are just all over the hop right now. I wanted something different, something a little sexy, but fun. This is what I came up with. I feel this is something I would have LOVED to have the option to wear 8 years ago.


 I don’t tend to buy such blatant rip offs, especially when then real ones could kind of be in my budget, but I was always unsure of the sizing of the UNIF cardis, so when I saw this one in a store in Penrith, for $30, I couldn’t help take it home with me. It’s always appealed to my warped sense of humour.


 Top – Suzanne Grae | Skirt – ASOS | Cardi – Loving Things (It’s a total rip off of UNIF though)
Headband – ASOS | Belt – from a City Chic dress | Boots – Zu


Oh, and one last thing…



  • hahaha that cardigan is the best! x

  • Haha man that’s me still to this day (though instead of red, pink, obviously). It’s so easy! I have been wearig some other colours like bright blues and yellow but pink and black are just so damn easy.

  • Kate Jean

    Darling, that outfit on you is hot as f*ck! xx

  • You look fantastic. I love the colours and that headband is so rad! You look like a real rock chick.

  • Great outfit! Red really suits you.
    Elle http://www.theellecurve.com

  • flashionaffair

    so pretty! love the skirt, and the cardi is awesome!

  • L O V E that cardigan! This outfit is amazing! x


  • Oh man, I KNEW that was the ASOS skater skirt! I have 4 of them… they’re the best skirt ever.

    And if your humor is warped, so is mine. I LOVE that cardigan. It’s amazing!!

  • Perfect outfit is perfect, this is something I would have killed to wear in my teens and I’d definitely still wear now! In love with that cardi, I’ve been wanting the unif one for ages, I love the tongue in cheek humour. You look like a scene queen in the best possible of ways. 😀

  • I love this outfit! You are super gorgeous, lady! And that cardigan is perfect.

  • Oh man, that cardigan is hilarious and AMAZING! Gosh you’re a stylish little minx, Nat.

  • Rawwwwwr back at ya! 🙂 Red and black looks great on you and I love the cardi.

  • love it, you look beautiful <3

  • Hahah that cardi! I simply adore that sheer top!

  • Beautiful outfit. Love the boots. ?.?

  • Nessbow

    I just love this outfit. Red and black is one of my favourite colour combos.

  • Sarah

    This outfit is so great! I especially love your headband. I need to figure out how to DIY one 😉