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Outfit – Crazy Cat Lady

December 13, 2013


When this dress popped up on Modcloth, I ummed & uhhed over it for a couple of hours before I hit ‘BUY’. These days, I tend to be a lot more pickier with what I buy, I’m trying to cull and streamline my wardrobe more. However, it was a dress cover in cats, how could I resist!?

When I was out, a lady said to me “That dress is kind of crazy, but also very cool”.


 I’ve yet to find the right shoes to wear with the dress, and as I have a bit of a dislike of the colour brown, I decided to jazz in up with the pink cardigan.

Sizing: This was the first time i’d ordered a dress off of Modcloth. I decided to go for the 3xl, and it’s quite large on me. The belt helps tuck it in, but I think in the future i’ll go for the 2xl. Though remember, some dresses are from different brands & are sized differently.



The earrings were a bit of a spur of the moment buy with a 20% off coupon. I’ve been venturing in to wearing gold at times, and as you probably have noticed, I kind of have a thing for anything with animals on it.cat02

Dress – ModCloth | Cardi – ??? | Belt – From another dress | Shoes – I <3 Billy | Earrings – ASOS
If you prefer dogs, this dress comes in a canine print too!


  • Brooke Jagoe

    I LOVE this dress. You’ve convinced me I have to own it now 🙂

  • Oh it’s looks great!! Totally thinking I need to get the dog one now! xx

  • I’m thinking I need the dog one too 😛

  • It’s sooo awesome.

  • happy_love1982

    OHHH my god that cat dress!! It’s perfect!! <3

    You look amazing in it! Love it teamed with the belt


  • Holy moly. That dress is off the wall crazy awesome. I love it so much.

  • oh my goshhhhh!!! I need this in my life 😀

  • That dress is the chuffing tits!

  • Ruth Johnston

    Wahhh! I love this! Is Modcloth not crazy expensive to ship to Australia like it is the UK, I definitely wish it was more readily available here, hate the idea of paying more for shipping than the actual items.

  • Nessbow

    Obviously, I love this dress. I’m a sucker for anything with a busy print, and a cat print is even better in my book!