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Lust List – Lala Belle

April 6, 2013


Just a quick Lust List, I’m still feeling under the weather and spending more time laying around watching Chuck, then on the computer. Anyway, ever since I’ve seen these pictures from Aussie label Lala Belle, i’ve been in love.

A high end luxurious Australian brand, I could never afford the above outfits, but damn are they wonderful!

Leather Cropped Jacket – $869.00 | Neonprene Crocodile Skirt – $329.00
Metallic Tee – $90.00 | Stretch Leather Pants – $749.00

  • Mind blown by that first outfit. I need that skirt so badly, but at that price it seems unlikely I’ll get it anytime soon. 🙁

  • Jesus, those pictures do NOTHING for the model at all and do not even present the clothes in an appealing way – the fold over the crotch of the leather pants is foul. For a high-end brand I would expect a little better quality in presentation of their stock. Whilst it’s not something I could get away with, I do like the skirt.

  • That silver liquid top is divine!!!!

  • Carrie

    Wow! Very pricey outfits but they are stunning! I’d love to wear these 🙂


  • I think they are aiming to look like a lot of high fashion stores, they have their models stand like that, very just slouchy relaxed. (example. It doesn’t look as natural or nice as even a bit of a pose does.

  • Yeah, it’s rather expencive, but hey, at least the conversion from Pound to AU$ would make it cheaper 😛

  • I know, I love it!

  • I know, you’d have to make some seriously money or save for a while to afford them!