Aussie Curves – Androgynous


I had such a hard time trying to figure out what to wear for the Androgynous theme, you see, I usually stay away from a lot of masculine looking clothes. In primary school I’d often get teased for looking like a boy. In high school, I went through a very ‘tomboy’ kind of stage, but soon realised I much prefer dressing feminine. In all honesty, I don’t really wear pants. I try at times, but i’m much more comfortable in a dress, or even leggings.


I don’t really have many clothes that would be viewed as androgynous, so I kind of cheated! HA! I mean, c’mon, an over sized mens shirt and a glass of booze is totally androgynous. I guess I had to try and somehow make myself feel ‘feminine’ in a way. Though, turns out I can’t do ‘sexy’ very well!

Frodo really decided to get in on the action!



I’m in my parents lounge room, wearing my Dad’s shirt.

aussiecurvesnat disc02