Hooray for Target!

I love Target, their housewares, make up and electronic sections are pretty amazing, but their plus size clothes section had never really drawn me in. I remember reading THIS post by Fat Heffalump and thinking “YES! So true”. Though when I ventured into Target last week, I was pleasantly surprised, I was drawn to the racks by a black & white striped blazer, and I admit to thinking “Oh, I wonder what size it goes up to? Maybe I could see if an 18 would fit?”, only to find, it was by Moda, the plus size range!


Excuse my silly face. I just wanted to get a picture of me wearing the blazer, amazing right? Black & White horizontal stripes! THANK YOU TARGET! The right picture is showing it with an amazing bright pink Moda top. I nearly bought that combo, but with holidays coming up I left them in the store.


Oh and the colours! It was SO good to see some very on trend colours available up to a size 26 & at a rather affordable price. Sure, a lot of the pieces are still rather flowly, loosely cut tunics, but I don’t mind that so much. I just love that they seem to be listening to what people are saying (Thanks Danimezza!)


 So, the jeans look much better in person, if I was a pants wearer I think I would have snapped them up. The print on them was embossed with like a shiny pleather like feel. So amazing! On the right a tee with silver threading through out (an an awesome geometric shirt behind it).

So, thank you Target, for creating a more diverse range of plus size clothes!

You can pick up some items online at the Target webstore, but I always like to go in store to see things in person. They seemed to have a better range too. In case you were wondering, I was in the Penrith store, and I tried the blazer on in a size 20. Oh, and this isn’t a sponsored post, I am in no way affiliated with Target, I just wanted to share the news!

Have you found anything in Target that you couldn’t leave without?