Aitutaki Madness


I think it’s finally starting to sink in that in two weeks i’m going to be on holidays, surrounded by beautiful water and scenery. Part of me thinks I should be more excited,though I guess, for me, I am excited. I don’t really allow myself to get excited anymore. I think once I touch down in Aitutaki, it will finally hit me. I know that’s when it really did when I went to New Zealand.

I’m worried about how I will go without constant internet access. While most days I don’t turn my laptop on until the afternoon, I always have my ipad on me, always connected. I think if I was with a boyfriend/partner it wouldn’t be as much of an issue, but I’m going with my Sister, her fiance & my nephew. I often use the internet as a way to ‘unwind & relax’. Hopefully the whole ‘being on an island paradise’ will be enough of relax me.


I’m also worried about sunburn. I will be slip, slop, slapping very regularly, but even when I did that New Years Day a few years ago, I ended up with 2nd degree burns (picture). I burn easily and pretty instantly. I’ll be trying my very best not to get burnt, but if you have any suggestions, let me know!

I figured I should start writing my packing list, I already have the basics of everything I want to take in my head, but it’s always better to write things out. I am forgetful. I still need to buy snorkel & goggles. I’m considering buying a waterproof camera. Trying to decide if 4 swimming costumes is enough for 2 weeks on an island.

Have I missed anything? What else should I pack?

Apart from packing list, photos were found on my sisters pinterest.