Winter Warmth

I’m team cold all the way. I much prefer winter over summer, though I admit, those in between months of cool weather, pretty colours and bright skies are my favourite. Summer is too hot, and while I love swimming, the whole icky sweaty, can’t get cool feeling just isn’t fun. Winter, you layer up your clothing, you snuggle under your doona & drink hot chocolate. I probably wouldn’t cope with some other countries ideas of winter, but Australian winter, I love.

I only came across TS14+ at the start of 2011, when I was checking out what the local Myer had to offer in the plus size section. They make the most amazing layer pieces. I have the Essential Decorous Body Tee, in Magenta (size M) & I have to say, it’s already become a starting point for so many outfits since I received it. Actually, you can see me wearing it in THIS post, as well as THIS one, just goes to show it looks great under things or over things.

Honestly, it’s the above cardigans (and THESE boots) that i’ve fallen in love with. I get warm easily, so I tend to go for cadigans in winter. These are on my wishlist. From Left to Right. Granite Cardi in Indigo | Love the Nightlife Cardi | Granite Cardi in Black | Ashes to Ashes Cardi in Black | Granite Cardi in Cadet Grey

Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like the range of cardigans they have to offer at the moment!