Quick Pics – The Frodo Edition

Todays outfit post was a failure, due to the sun being in the way. This was the only savable photo. Mr Frodo and I hanging out by the pool. If you’re interested, Shirt – Katies. Leggings – 17 Sundays.

Sleepy. My parents and I went out today to look around suburbs of where they are considering moving too, and I came home with 2 new coats for Frodo. Frodo very much dislikes the cold and whenever it gets chilly, he will sit next to you and SHAKE. He currently has 2 coats, but they are getting a little old. Thing is, Frodo LOVES his coats. He loves the dress up and after putting on a coat he has to run around and show everyone he has one on. He used to have a ‘superdog’ shirt with a cape, that he would drag out from where it was kept. I may have purposely left it in Sydney when we moved to Adelaide 😛

Please excuse the somewhat NSFW image, but look at his scar now! It’s all healed up so well! It’s a little bumpy, but I guess they can’t be super precise when it comes to emergency surgery on a dog.

This is my parents dog Emily! She’s come so far since my parents got her as a rescue, she can still be very shy & timid, but her personality is starting to shine through. Here she is in her bed, she has around 5 throughout the house, but this is her favourite.