Hair & Beauty

New hair!

With Fashion Week next week, I decided my hair was in desperate need of a trim. Bleaching my hair certainly takes its toll on my hair and I’m still growing out the perm I got late last year. You can see in THIS picture just how scraggy my ends had become. So off to the hairdressers I went. I’ve only recently started going to the hairdressers, I used to cut, dye, do everything by myself, but these days, I leave the cutting to the professionals. I got around 3 inches of hair cut from the back! I realised last night, with the way the colour had faded, my hair looked very much Katy Perrys did a couple of weeks back, so today, I went a darker shade of blue.

It was in a ‘I was just dyed’ mood when I took these photos, so it was being a little uncooperative. I wanted to show it off anyway. I kind of fell in love with this lipstick, it arrived in one of the beauty boxes I subscribed too, and usually i’m not a fan of red, but decided to try it on anyway. It’s certainly a pretty red! It’s Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Really Red. Oh, and yes, they are some of my boxes behind me, from when I moved home nearly a year ago!