OOTD – Butterfly Brights!

I’ve been in a slight funk. I think the whole wearing of the boot thing has been wearing away at my happy. I’m both excited and nervous about Fashion Week next week, and deep down, kind of feel like a blogging failure. I know a lot of bloggers go through that, but I usually just go with the flow. So, today I decided I needed a bright, happy, fun outfit. A good outfit always seems to cheer me up somewhat.

My BFF Lou surprised me with this ASOS dress, seriously, she’s one of the greatest friends a girl can ask for. The material is so much lighter then what it looked like on the ASOS site, it’s very thin, so I decided to pair it with my Domino Dollhouse petticoat.

  • DRESS – Gift from friend – ASOS
  • PETTICOAT – Domino Dollhouse
  • CARDIGAN – City Chic
  • SHOES – From a store in New Zealand
Seeing as Domino Dollhouse reached 5,000 likes on FB, they released a 25% off code: FCBK25. It expires on 4/30/12 & is not valid on previous orders.

Nope, i’m not out of my boot yet, I just took it off for these photos. You would not believe how claustrophobic that contraption is! My foot is feeling a lot better, and i’m trying to get used to walking without it on as I won’t be wearing for a couple days next week.