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OOTD – Butterfly Brights!

April 28, 2012

I’ve been in a slight funk. I think the whole wearing of the boot thing has been wearing away at my happy. I’m both excited and nervous about Fashion Week next week, and deep down, kind of feel like a blogging failure. I know a lot of bloggers go through that, but I usually just go with the flow. So, today I decided I needed a bright, happy, fun outfit. A good outfit always seems to cheer me up somewhat.

My BFF Lou surprised me with this ASOS dress, seriously, she’s one of the greatest friends a girl can ask for. The material is so much lighter then what it looked like on the ASOS site, it’s very thin, so I decided to pair it with my Domino Dollhouse petticoat.

  • DRESS – Gift from friend – ASOS
  • PETTICOAT – Domino Dollhouse
  • CARDIGAN – City Chic
  • SHOES – From a store in New Zealand
Seeing as Domino Dollhouse reached 5,000 likes on FB, they released a 25% off code: FCBK25. It expires on 4/30/12 & is not valid on previous orders.

Nope, i’m not out of my boot yet, I just took it off for these photos. You would not believe how claustrophobic that contraption is! My foot is feeling a lot better, and i’m trying to get used to walking without it on as I won’t be wearing for a couple days next week.

  • Bek

    I love that dress! And that petticoat! I’ve finally ordered one thanks to the discount code, a purple one. I keep looking up that dress on Asos and sighing, waiting for it to come down in price. Your friend is so lovely1 🙂

  • Naomi Dillon

    Do you know, i saw that dress on asos and ignored it. Just seen it on you and ordered it. It looks amazing and the pop of orange with the shoes is perfection! You’re divine! Naomi x

  • I’ve done that a few times too. I have to say, that’s one of the reasons why I love blogs, sometimes seeing it styled differently or on someone who is a more similar shape can change the way you see something. I’m glad that you liked it 😀

  • The DD petticoats are amazing, I’m lusting after one in pink. I actually kind of want to collect them all! I have two, a black and this teal one. I am lucky that the couple of friends I do have, are pretty amazing.

  • That dress is TOO cute! I want it now. Maybe it will cheer me up after my crappy week? 🙁

  • You are so cute! This outfit post is like sunshine with all the fab colours and your beautiful smile. Love the dress, your hair and those sandals, you look gorgeous!

  • What?! Woman! Why on Earth do you feel like a blogging failure?!?!? You are amazing! You are going to MB Fashion Week next week?!!!!! Honestly babe you rock. You were the first blog I ever read. 

    And that dress! Jealous! I bought it, but ended up sending it back. The neckline was too big and the waist too small. 🙁

  • You are all sorts of amazing Natalie:)  Even apart from how wonderful and your hair is and not even speaking about that awesome dress.

    Just on your own, with or without your boot, you need to remember you are the opposite of a failure.

  • Mel

    Those orange sandals are heaven!  I love how simple they are but the orange really makes them pop!

    I can relate to being in a grump-tastic mood but you are awesome and should remember that!

  • Love your dress and that gorgeous peticoat is crazy gorgeous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    How can I follow your blog. I am adding you to my blogroll this second, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    have a lovely weekend.

  •  I love, love, love that petticoat!  It’s especially awesome because it matches your new hair!  You are such a lucky duck to get to go to fashion week.  You’ll have an amazing time, I’m sure.

  • Love your bright outfit! 🙂 Always fun to cheer yourself up with some bright colours 🙂 Amazing how much clothes can affect our mood!


  • Melissa Bunn

    that dress is awesome. so bright and colourful. I have a dress like that, but never wear it because it’s too thin, maybe I should invest in a petticoat too! It’s strapless and doesn’t fit very well around my top, so I’ll have to sew some straps or something on it 🙂
    Love the new hair colour! AWESOME!

  • My dear, how could YOU ever feel like a blogging failure?! You’re fabulous – and don’t ever forget it!

    What an adorable, happy outfit. I absolutely *love* it!

  • *hugs* I understand the crappy week part. It did cheer me up, I find wearing fun, bright cheery outfits help boost my mood a little. Put on your biggest brightest tutu, even if you are just lounging around the house!

  • Aw, thank you so much! <3

  • I dunno, I think I’m just going through a depressed stage and feeling very ‘eh’ about everything. 
    The waist in this is rather small! It’s on the tighter side for me, but I felt that if I sized up everything else would be way too big.

  • Thanks so much Sarah. I think i’m just in a self doubting, depressed period right now. Trying to focus on the positive!

  • Not to mention, those sandals only cost like $12! I couldn’t resist them at that price. I loved them and figured if the bright colour fad i’m going through doesn’t stick, $12 isn’t too much to lose. Plus they are really comfortable!
    And thank you! I’m hoping that getting out of the house and socialising in the next week will help me out of this funk.

  • Thank you!! I am so in love with this petticoat, it’s so soft and bouncy!!

  • I hope so! I’m both excited and anxious! I’ve sorted it out so i’m going three days, I don’t want to over do it with my foot, but it should be fun!

  • It is amazing how clothes can affect our mood, when I’m depressed, I always try to make the effort to get up and get dressed for the day. I also find that hair colour affects me, when I went back to being a brunette, I felt sad looking in the mirror and not seeing my bright coloured hair.

  • Thank you! Yeah, the petticoat certainly makes the dress uh, flouncier and it also gives it extra warmth. 

  • Eh, I think i’m just going through a big of an emo stage, i’ll get out of it eventually i’m sure, but thank you!!

  • edisonmyndiecoco

    LOVE THIS (including the hair)!  Listen … I’ve never had to wear a boot, BUT a friend of mine recently was supposed to wear a strap -from her toe to her ankle -she felt the same way.  I’m someone who is always barefoot in the house -and sometimes even out of the house -so I can’t even imagine -I would be crawling up the walls ((((to you!))))

  • It’s funny, for so long, I’ve always said that i’ve had claustrophobic feet, I find it hard to wear thick socks & shoes, I can’t sleep in socks and sometimes just normal boots drive me bonkers, so having to wear the boot 24/7 has been driving me crazy. I feel lucky though, that it’s this and not plaster, at least I can take it off for a little each day to shower or relax in a bath, or if I need to scratch an itch. 

  • is blue is your favorite suite to you