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MBFWA – Day 1!

Overall Thoughts

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I woke up, just not feeling it. Depression has hit at such a bad time, but I pushed myself, got up, dressed and made my way into the city for MBFWA. Turns out, I could have stayed in bed. I was only booked in for one show today, Camilla. I was actully really excited about it, I’ve had the chance to try on a Camilla gown (picture!) and promptly fell in love. I’ve been living through Jess with her Camilla gowns as they are out of my price range.

Sadly, due to some mishap, I didn’t get to attend the event, despite having RSVP’d & emailed asking for confirmation. I was really disappointed. After working in the convention industry, I understand that these things can happen, but to have around 30 people not get in, after waiting in a crowded line for an hour, well, it’s pretty sad. I don’t like to barge my way through, but some people were quite pushy, and with my fractured foot (I should have worn my boot!), I didn’t want to risk further injury. So yeah, really quite bummed about that.

I won’t be featuring EVERY show from EVERY day here. I’ll be blogging bits and pieces, outfit photos, some of the collections, my favourite things. It will be a bit of a mish mash of fashiony goodness!

The first 8 shows of 2012 MBFWA!

ROMANCE WAS BORN (Vogue Gallery) – Guh! I want to weep with joy at how PERFECT this collection is. It speaks to my inner nerd. Just, LOVE!
(Vogue Gallery) – Loved the pastel colours and cut out heart features.
GAIL SORRONDA (Vogue Gallery) – Bright with lots of polka dots. Have a clown/circus chic vibe.
GARY BIGENI (Vogue Gallery) – Lots of pretty blue! The most AMAZING clashing of prints. I love THIS. The designer also has perfect hair!

KIRRILY JOHNSTON (Vogue Gallery) – Great use of colour, draping & accessories. I’ll take this outfit in size fat, kthanx.
CAMILLA (Vogue Gallery) – As always, gorgeous colours and prints. WANT!
DYLAN COOPER (Vogue Gallery) – Wasn’t really my style, I didn’t really like the prints, but the pink outfit in the above picture is SPOT ON in my eyes. The rest, not to my personal liking.
MISS UNKON (Vogue Gallery) – Pretty pretty pretty! I love the colour palette of the collection, the use of sheers and great graphic prints. Very soft & feminine.