Weekly Wishlist!

First up, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my previous entry, it meant so much to me. Thank you.

ASOS CURVE – Skater Dress in Brush Stroke Print – $51.90 au – I will own this dress, I will. I’m saving my money and hopefully next fortnight I’ll buy it. I don’t care if I look rather blah in yellow, that baby will be mine!

DREAM DIVA – Sunray pleated maxi skirt – $129 au – This is just such a pretty skirt! I keep uhming and ahhing over if i’d wear it. I own a couple of maxi skirts but never seem to wear them. It also comes in black, but i’m in love with the pink.

BLOOMINGDALES – Tadashi Shoji Ruched Dress with Lace Bust – $425.50 au – This dress, and the next two are dresses I love but a) have nowhere to wear & b) can’t afford. But so pretty! I love how this dress clings to your curves, the ruching and just the peep of lace!

BLOOMINGDALES – Aidan MattoxLong-Sleeve Sequin Dress – $400.30 au – 3 of my favourite things, a dress, long sleeves and sequins! Oh and silver is one of my favourite colours! I love how it’s not a bright silver, but more a gunmetal/ silver mix.

BLOOMINGDALES – Prairie New York Plus Size Belted Sequin Dress – $140.40 au – This dress is bright and shiny! I’d love to be able to see it in person, it’s one of those dresses that could be amazing or look like foil.

TORRID – Heart Cardigan – Heat + Cardigan = win! I’m looking forward to winter. I need to buy new cardigans and I love all the bright knits that are coming into fashion.

ZU – Copolla Glitter Bootie – $110 – Sure these are very heavily ‘inspired’ by Miu Miu, but face it, i’d never be able to afford Miu Miu, these however are a more likely possibility!

ASOS – Wrapped Claw Ring – $19.46 – It’s just pretty.

NICOLE FENDEL – Journey Cuff in Silver & Pink – $79 au – I have a NC necklace, which I love and provides me great inspiration. This cuff I think would work as another reminder for me when things get hard. I love jewellery that has a message.

ASOS – Set of 3 plain band rings – $12.98 – These don’t have a message, but yet again pretty.

ASOS – Neon Bead Earrings – $9.73 – I am LOVING the neon trend, but don’t want to splash out too much on stuff as it’s only a trend. While I don’t really stick to trends, and I’ve always loved a splash of colour against the black I used to always wear, i’m still a little dubious if i’ll be as in love with neon this time next year.

DANGERFIELD – Union Jack Cardigan – $78 au – I don’t have a Union Jack cardigan. Shorts, multiple shirts, boxer shorts, a clutch, yes, but a cardigan, nope. I think it needs to be MINE!