Weekly Wishlist

UNIF – Hellraiser Shoes – $165
I LOVE these shoes, the combo of the pink & silver studs is just awesome.
DESMO – Sara Pony Print Leather Bag – $2620.40
Right, so let me say, I will NEVER own this bag, basically for the price alone. I don’t think if, for some reason, I managed to own this bag, it would ever leave the house. I’d be too scared to ruin it. But it’s mighty pretty!
MCDONALDS – Cheeseburger – $2ish
Um, i’m just really craving a cheeseburger at the moment.
ASOS CURVE – Knitted Dress with striped collar – $56.77
I think this is super cute. I like quite a few things up on ASOS Curve at the moment, but this combines a few styles i’m loving atm. Colour. Stripes. Collars. Skater dresses with sleeves.
LADY LUCK BOUTIQUE – Glitter Heart Barrettes – £8.00
I love all the cute little barrettes from here. The blue glitter is what sells me on this one the most.
CITY CHIC – Ice Skater Dress – $99.95
I love the simplicity of this dress. I looked at in store, and while my sister thought it was a bit plain, I think it would make the perfect blank canvas for a brightly accessorized outfit. Apparently it’s available in a blue too, which I’d love to see.
AUTOGRAPH – Short Sleeve Hi-Lo Top in Yellow – On sale $19.99
I feel in love with this last time I was in store, and now that it’s dropped in price, I think i’ll have to snap it up! I just hope they have some left in store by the time I get in. It’s quite neon in person.
TOPSHOP – Animal Print Leather Holdall – £68.00
I seem to be on a bag kick at the moment. Or actually, you could probably go as far as to say I’m on a colourful, animal print, bag kick. I think this is gorgeous!