Holiday Pics – Greenwell Point

I spent 10 days at my parents caravan at Greenwell point, it’s about a 3 hours drive from where I currently live, but it’s so worth it. The area has a mix of so many beautiful things, the water, paddocks filled with animals, walking tracks & beautiful gardens. Sure, any ‘good’ shopping is half an hour away, and if you want McDonalds you better own a car. But you really don’t need Maccas when you have Pelican Rocks Resturant, they make THE most amazing Chicken Caesar Salad.

I almost called this post ‘How many pictures of pelicans can you put in one post?’. It’s true, I love taking photos of animals, and at Greenwell Point & the surrounding areas, pelicans can be found in abundance! They actually really fascinate me.

I took these pictures on one of the first nights whilst taking Mr Frodo for a walk. I have since learnt that Frodo is scared of pelicans. I guess, they are nearly 4 times the size of him & could probably eat him.

Whales! It isn’t currently whale season, but I’m thinking I may come back during that time & do a boat cruise. A lovely couple who was out walking also told me that a Seal usually can be found tormenting the birds on the rocks below, however he was nowhere to be seen on that day. 🙁

Frodo wasn’t happy that I left him in the car with my parents whilst I went off to take pictures.

All the photos above (From the Frodo in the car picture down) where all taken from the car! The above is a quick snap of one of the many fields filled with cows. Actually, this is only a few cows compared to some areas.

This door mat appealed to my sense of humour. If I was married, I don’t think I could have resisted buying it!

These gardens at the Jindyandy Mill are just gorgeous! I could seriously just spend a month on a picnic blanket reading & exploring in the garden.