Update on The Darling Den!

I really don’t like moving. I guess i’ve been lucky that my parents have lived in the same house for the past 20 years, and it’s just been me that’s moved to a different state and back. This move however seems epic. We’ve been finding stuff of mine from years ago that I’ve longed since remembered even existed. We figured we’d need to do the move in two parts, but by the end of Monday, when the 10tonne truck had unloaded everything it could fit, we realised, we may in fact need to do three.
We’ve got bits and pieces in the house, and someone looking after it while we aren’t there. Now I need to get in and fix bits and pieces and then go crazy with the paint. Now that we can see the place, I’ve realised the know for the ceiling fan is in the most unfortunate position. Who puts a ceiling fan switch in the middle of a wall? Plus it sticks out nearly 3 inches! That will be my black & white feature wall (see here) with my bed against it. The black dresser to the side is something I plan to play around and DIY with.

They took my stove/hot plates too! I’ve bought another one, but I was a little shocked when I walked in and I had a big gap in my kitchen. My sister and I also plan to get rid of that bar and make a new one that will fit a bar fridge & freezer, and also make it more fat friendly as the gap to get into the area is about half the width of a doorway.

Frodo however, really loves it!

Share with me your moving stories, the good, the bad & the humorous!