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FATshionable Voodoo!

I was recently sent some Voodoo stockings to try out. In all honesty, I didn’t even know Voodoo catered to plus sizes, so I was pretty excited when 3 different pairs landed on my doorstep. I wear stockings a lot as I tend to be more of a dress/skirt girl, but I’ve always just picked them up from local supermarkets.

I am now in LOVE with this pair, my favourite out of what I was sent. Hello, SPOTS! These are the Voodoo Voluptuous Fashion Tight, in ‘geo orbit’. This is size ‘Plus’. The size guide says it fits brief size of 18-20, and I’d think that’s pretty spot on. They are mighty stretchy & fit me comfortably, I think they’d also fit someone a bit bigger then myself too.

The stocking itself is a little sheerer then I normally go for, as I have nails, a dog  a cat, but they haven’t pulled or torn the twice I’ve worn them. The pattern goes up high up the thigh, which then turns into a darker sheer. I loved how high the waistband goes, it actually stretches right up to under my bra & I had no problems with it rolling down.

I was also sent the Voluptuous Tribal Cutout legging, again in a size plus. These were a lot thicker, I guess seeing as they are labeled ‘legging’ and not tights. They are however a lot tighter. Again, the pack says size 18-20, but they have no where near the amount of give the above pair do. I had to jump around a little to get into them properly, but once on they were comfortable.

They don’t sit up as high as the tights, but they do ‘hold you in’ better. I would my sizing would be the maximum fit for them. I couldn’t really get a good picture of the pattern, the website has a lot better representation of them HERE.

I was also sent a pair that I can’t seem to find on the site, but I thought was a pretty neat idea. They are sheer & toeless, so perfect if you plan to wear open toed shoes! However, I don’t wear sheer tights, and all my toeless shoes are packed. The sizing for this pair goes up to a 22-24. Voodoos ‘Core’ Fuller Figure range go up to the size 2 (22-24) and come in a range of styles and colours. The Voluptuous range in one size of ‘Plus’.

 These items were sent to me for editorial consideration. (disclosure)