Shoalhaven Zoo

Being such an animal lover, if there is an animal park, sanctuary or zoo around, I have to go. I’d been looking forward to going to Shoalhaven Zoo (Previously Nowra Wildlife Park) since my Brother took my niece and nephew last year. As we had my other nephew with us away, we decided it’d be a great time to go check it out, and honestly, I’m super happy we did. Caleb had said a few days previously at the Easter Show that he had ‘The Best Day Ever’. I think the time at Shoalhaven Zoo was a close 2nd for him.

When we arrived, the Koala talk was about to start, so we made our way into the exhibit where one of the koalas was just casually strolling around everyone.  It was great to see them so active. Zookeeper Trent, who I have to say is highly amusing, and pretty easy on the eyes, brought around Henry for everyone to smell. Yes, I stuffed my face into the back of a koala and smelt, that’s not something you do everyday. To me, he smelt like horse. He was mighty adorable, and of course, made me a little sad with the name of Henry.

Caleb and I decided to get a photo with Henry together. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a photo with a koala. It seems such a ‘touristy’ thing to do, but then again, I was happy spending up some money to help out the Zoo. The Zoo is a privately run Zoo which doesn’t get any government funding, so every little bit counts!

Of course, my favourite part was the reptile talk. I still don’t think it’s convinced my parents to let me have my own. It’s been a dream of mine for the past 10-15 years to own a python (I’d love a Stimsons Python, kthanx!)

This is John. As salt water crocodile. Best thing that was told to us was, not to think of them as ‘cold blooded’ but as ‘solar powered’.

The croc talk was really informative, plus great to watch. Seeing them up so close is pretty amazing, they are huge! Oh, and they don’t like to bite/eat everything. John was quite addiment he was not going to bite down on the stick, no matter how annoying it was.

SBigdfiwegdriuwyhedu! Why yes, I do think they are ALL KINDS OF ADORABLE!

Caleb and I had some more photos done. The park offers photos for $10 each, or 4 for $30. That’s per photo, not per person. I love that in the photo on the right, of me holding the wombat, that Caleb is totally photobombing me!

I’m so tempted to edit the photo on the right to have a caption that reads “I went to Shoalhaven Zoo and all I got was to choke a dingo”.

Mum wasn’t feeling the best that day, and my leg ended up hurting after awhile, so we didn’t make it around the whole park. We missed out on one of my other top 5 animals, the Llama, as well as seeing the Camels and Water Buffalo. The place was amazing though, with a HUGE slide, picnic areas and adventure walks, right in the middle of the bush, next to the Shoalhaven river. Pretty much, my idea of paradise.

For more picture I took of the day, visit my FLICKR. Make sure to checkout the Shoalhaven Zoo website and facebook page. If you are ever in the area, make sure you go check it out, it’s well worth it!