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OOTW – Polka dots & Petticoats!

May 28, 2012

So, the secret is out. Some days I love an outfit so much, i’ll wear it two days in a row. Shock, horror! I know right. Anyway. My nephew came and spent the weekend with us, as you can tell from the photos (most, which he took), we have a totally fun and crazy time together. I’ve never really known what it’s like NOT to be an Auntie. I’m an Auntie 7 times, and a great-Aunt 3 times. Yes, my eldest niece has 3 kids of her own. (My family can be a little confusing!)

Saturday, my Mum, Caleb and I headed off to The Blacktown Festival. It’s been many many years since I last attended one, but it was fun to watch the parade and eat snowcones (I can’t resist anything Grape flavoured).

Saturday night I decided to go back to my natural hair colour. While it’s not the colour I was born with, pink has always been ‘me’. I have decided not to use the La Riche Directions hair colour anymore though. While it works out cheaper, it runs and stains like crazy. Having to scrub the bath and having it rub off on EVERYTHING is just not worth it.

  • DRESS – Beth Ditto for Evans
  • PETTICOAT – Domino Dollhouse
  • TIGHTS – Gift from Caitlin
  • SHOES – Unif via Solestruck
  • BANGLES – c/o Lou & Chow
  • RING – Cupcakes & Mace

Oh, and Mr Frodo sure enjoyed the time spent running around and playing. Turns out he’s going to have to go under the knife again, this time to remove two lumps. 🙁

How did you spend your weekend!?

  • Well you know I love the dots but i also love the blue petti with the purple tights. You rock. 😀

  • You are BEYOND adorable. I love everything about this outfit!

    P.S. The new layout is SUPERB!

  • jessica24fraser

    Absolutely gorgeous, such a fun outfit! I love this hair colour, I have to live vicariously through your beautiful hair haha I’ve had dark hair for a year to try and regain some health, but its killing me 😛 

  • Your hair looks rad, you look so cute! I can’t blame you for wearing this outift two days in a row, I have the same dress and it gets the most use out of anything I own. I love it so much.

  •  I love your pink hair! I always wanted purple hair but I don’t think it’ll survive the transformation! lol… I think those Hellraisers are so cool, the spikes always look so intimidatingly large in the product photos, are they like that in real life?

  • Carla

    I absolutely LOVE this outfit – so colourful!
    I wish I’d bought that Beth Ditto dress when it was available instore – I keep looking for one in my size on ebay but alas it seems not to be! 🙁

  • Csuhpat1

    Love the purple

  • OMGOOODNESS those shoes are amaze!!!!

  • Hee, Thank you! I couldn’t resist going all colourful!

  • Haha, my Mum told me I looked like an Umpa Lumpa, and I was a little puzzled, so she explained that she thought I looked ‘adorable’. So I took it as a compliment 😛
    And thank you! I just felt it needed a little brightening up.

  • Oh, I went back to brown for a couple of months last year and it was sooo hard. I actually found having ‘natural’ coloured hair made me feel depressed. I do miss having long hair, but I’ve been lucky that if I don’t go too crazy with it, my hair doesn’t mind bleach too much.

  • Thank you! I missed having pink hair, it’s always the colour I go back to. It’s such a great dress, I haven’t worn it in awhile & i’m not sure why, because I really do love it! I think I love it even more now with a petticoat underneath it!

  • They aren’t huge spikes, I’d say they are about 1cm, they are certainly spiky, I learnt the hard way that I have to be careful taking them off. They are honestly the most comfortable shoes I own though, and they certainly get a lot of attention!

  • Aw, that sucks, I think the dress would look amazing on you! There were a few things I really liked in the collection, but I only had the money for one thing & I’m glad I chose this dress. 

  • Thank you!

  • Haha, thank you! You would not believe the amount of attention they get whenever I wear them out!

  • Fantastic colour combination! I love polkadots, and your pink hair look so good!

  • Omg, you look AMAZING!! I looove the pink hair. Do you know how badly I WISH I had pink hair? I often wish I was a blonde so I could constantly dye my hair in different gradients and what not. I love this outfit too. 

  • Bek

    All the colours yay!!! Love this outfit so much. You look awesome. 

  • what a gorgeous outfit! love the dress soo much and i love that you wore purple tights with it all! Looks so so cool! your jewelry is just the perfect cherry on top! 


  • Perfection. Why did I not buy that dress when I had the chance?!

    Oh and sending my love for Frodo, hope the op goes well. 🙂


  • jglu

    Cute, colorful outfit. I’m totally in love with your shoes and your dress.