OOTD & blog layout changes!

When i’m depressed, my fashion sense goes down the drain. THIS is what I threw on yesterday, I didn’t care what I was wearing, I just wanted comfort and warmth. I know in myself, that sometimes making the effort to wear pretty clothes, to get dressed up, can help boost your mood. So today, off to see my Psych, I thought I should actually put a little effort into what I’m wearing.

After wearing a Lou and Chow necklace at Fashion Week (here!), Kate sent me a couple of bangles to wear. Can I just take a moment to say, OH MY GOD! So, while I’m plus size, I don’t have the biggest hands, that being said, I do find it hard to fit some bangles. I was a little worried, as these are made of wood that I wouldn’t fit them over my hand, but they slipped on no problems! Looking at the site, they actually state different sizes! How awesome is that! I believe this is an XL.

Seeing Fox in Flats ‘Pin up Dare’ inspired me to wear one of my brooches. I love brooches and badges, I have, probably around 50, but I never seem to wear them anymore. I bought this one ages ago, I mean, could you resist a zombie unicorn brooch, but I’ve never worn it.

A few bloggers have been rocking this skirt lately, which just made me want to pull it out of my closet. I’ve only worn it once, which is sad, considering how much I love it. I think I tend to scrap wearing it as where it sits on my waist it tends to make me feel a little frumpy. But so what? When I was taking these photos, the wind came up, and it flowed around me is such a pretty way, that I was super happy that I decided to wear it.

No make up!  After wearing make up so often the past month, I’ve not been wearing aaaaaany for the past week. My skins been thankful for it.

  • JUMPER – Millers – HERE
  • SKIRT – ASOS Curve
  • SHOES – Unif via Solestruck
  • BANGLE – c/o Lou and Chow
  • BROOCH – Dropdead Gorgeous. You can find it HERE.

Oh, and as you may have noticed, i’ve changed the layout around a little bit. Thoughts?

Do you find your moods affect what you wear?