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Outfit – Oh so 90s!

To me, this outfit just makes me think of the 90s, a very monochrome toned 90’s (my hair excluded). I think it’s the beret. One thing I’ve been learning since my move to Melbourne, is layering. The weather here is, well, ever changing, so layers help keep you warm, or cool off.


Pants UNDER dresses. Yep, I did it. I remember going to school wearing my school dress, but then chucking on a pair of tracky dacks underneath to keep warm, knowing that i’d strip them off half way through the school day, and Voilà I’m still in uniform.


I blame Margaret Zhang for my current love of pants under dresses. And yes, this is a dress. I wore it a few weeks ago (with just stockings underneath). Layering can turn any summer dress into a winter favourite. I really fell in love with the different textures & corset feature on the front of this dress.


Stern face? I always think I look a little weird if i’m not smiling. I don’t have chronic bitch face, but it’s not exactly super friendly either.

Dress – c/o Izabel | Top (underneath) – Millers | Pants – ASOS | Belt – Torrid
Baret – Equip (years ago) | Boots – Zu

4What are your thoughts on pants under dresses?