OOTD – Neon!

This morning I managed to sleep through 2 alarms and 2 missed calls from my sister, when my Dad decided to see if I was still alive, I was running a little behind for my psych appointment. Whoops. I didn’t have much time to put an outfit together and honestly, I just wanted something comfortable and I knew I wanted to wear my new sneakers.

I don’t know where my new love of autumn colours has come from, but i’m loving yellows, oranges & yes, even gold! I’ve steared clear of buying any gold items as I am kind of hoping it’s just a passing fad, but the combo of neon and orange or yellow & I go slightly nuts. MUST HAVE.

Sometimes I look at outfits and think “I am going to look back at this in 30 years and wonder what I was wearing”. I’m having fun NOW though, exploring bright colours and different styles. Can you believe this sheer orange top is from Supre!? Yep, with the oversized trend, even us fatties can wear Supre! I picked it up on sale for $5!

Lesson learnt today: break shoes in before you wear them out. Invest in some short socks. I have a gold medal winner blister on my toe right now. So worth it though, these shoes are amazing, and apart from the blister, comfortable! WOOT!

  • BLACK TUNIC – c/o TS14+
  • LEGGINGS – 17 Sundays
  • SHOES – Lipstick
  • NECKLACE – Lovisa
  • WATCH – SportsgirlĀ 

I need to learn to cut off those coat hanger thingies whenever I buy something! Whoops!