Apologies. (I hate my ovaries)

I just wanted to say Sorry for the fact that the blog hasn’t been very FATshionable for the past week or so, I’ve had a cold, on top of my first period* and I’ve spent most of the time in bed, with Mr Frodo. I was supposed to go out twice the past weekend, but ended up having to cancel, and i’ve honestly just been bumming around in unmatching pajamas & hiding under my blankets. Very ‘woah is me’.

* – Yeah, first period! You may be thinking “Huh, what, she’s 26 & getting her first period?”, so I thought i’d explain. I have PCOS. This wasn’t my first period, it’s my first NATURAL period. When I hit around 16, my Mum took me into the doctors when I hadn’t had my period yet & I was put on the pill. When i’m on the pill, it gives me the hormones needed to produce a period. It wasn’t until a few years later I found out I had PCOS. Late last year, I decided to come off the pill, to just give my body some time off from it, and I didn’t have a period since. Until nearly 2 weeks ago, when my first natural period hit. So, I guess that it’s a YAY, though it’s been painful and still here 10 days later. Not fun.

So, I’m sorry! Hopefully I can get back to more fashionable things soon!