Personal,  Plus Positivity

I’m not sorry that i’m fat.

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Sometimes, I get frustrated being fat. The funny thing is, I don’t mind being fat, i’ve accepted i’m always going to be on the tubby side, it’s ME. The thing that frustrates me, is OTHER PEOPLE and my fatness.

My size doesn’t change the fact that i’m human. That I deserve the same opportunities that every other human has. That I have the same rights. I don’t understand why other people feel I should change who I am, to fit into a mold of what they believe people should be. Stop thinking about me, and look at yourself! Some peoples attitudes are uglier then me and my fat will ever be.

I am fashionable. I am well read, knowledgeable, smart even. I have manners, a lot more manners then a lot of people these days. I am desirable and sexy. I have passions. My ideas and opinions are just as good as the next person.

I realise some people are still sensitive over the word ‘fat’. I admit, it does at times, trigger negative memories for me, but you know what, I AM FAT. I’ve learnt that it’s just another word, and it’s the not the word I should hate, it’s the way it’s used, the meaning behind it.

Sorry, I’m just a little ranty today.